Themes by Sarahi

Hello there, all of themes on this page are all made by me with the help of a basecode that I use from outlasting. You can find it in her tutorials page. I have been making themes since 2012. At the moment, I only make quality themes with a tad of luxury but I would love to make more for other blog types in the future. Enjoy my theme blog :)
Theme Faq
Surprise lovelies, I bet you’d thought you’d seen the last of me.
Theme 49 by Sarahi ~
All the themes are fixed if they’re is any problem please message me! this theme took me about 6 hours to make so please be respectful towards it and me for making it, don’t take off credit!
Be creative, fun, and enjoy it c;
Live Preview ~ Pastebin Link ~ Private Paste Link (message me if neither works for you)
Theme 48 by Sarahi!
This is a cute theme and it has a bunch of different sidebars so yay!
the ask are cute, thanks to Tobi aka cookinq for some of the coding. an thanks to Ekhlas aka toqekiss for the original basecode.
Live Preview ~ Code
This is version 1 version 2 will be posted later which has two columns and transparent pictures.
Theme 47 by Sarahi ~
The basecode is by the amazing toqekiss and some asks coding are from the beautiful cookinq. Some fonts were uploaded by manxverboard, thank you so much Mia!
PLEASE KEEP THE CREDIT and don’t steal any coding from these theme unless you asked me first please! that’s pretty much it.
If you can’t access pastebin feel free to ask me for the code and i’ll give you a link because freetexthost won’t work for me.
Live Preview ~ Code

Photo of demi lovato that anon requested.

Theme 46 by Sarahi ~
this theme is my old old theme not my old one.
the basecode is by ekhlas aka toqekiss! c:
If you want the code and you can’t view it on pastebin please message me OFF ANON and ask me for the link i don’t bite please don’t be shy :)
Live Preview ~ Code
Theme 45 by Sarahi ~ 
yes i know this isn’t exactly my old theme but it’s still a very cute theme and its looks really similar. a lot of people copied this theme and got the idea of flower in the middle of the two bars from me so why not post it?
This theme is really nice so please put credit and don’t steal it. if you’re gonna use the coding of the sidebar transition then credit me please.
Live Preview ~ Code ~ Code
Theme 44 by Sarahi ~
this theme is really nice the links are cool the updates pop up were made by me so if you steal them then your ass is going to be sorry.
the asks are by cookinq aka tobi c:
IT HAS A RANDOM SIDEBAR SCRIPT. so you can put in up to 6 different sidebars and they will appear every time you refresh :)
i got the tutorial for it from cookinq!
I will be moving soon by monday i’ll have no wifi for about a week so this is the last theme before i leave! i have a great idea for theme 45 so don’t worry.
Live Preview ~ Code ~ Code
Theme 43 by Sarahi ~
this theme is really cute and it brings in a pizza pixel for your updates like cmon that’s fucking hot. to put in your updates just go under </body> in the html and where i typed in things you write in the same space your updates!
please put credit! it also brings a cute topbar lace!
asks by cookinq aka tobi go follower her c:
Live Preview ~ Code ~ Code
Theme 42 by Sarahi ~
This looks a lot like my old theme pretty please don’t stole it or repost it don’t be heartless because this theme got stolen and posted publicly. ._.
It has a lot of options and I really like it!
Live Preview ~ Code ~ Code